Consul Robert Naoum meets with Mufti Malek El Chaar in the presence of Mr. Antoine Menassa-Eng – 03 January 2012

Consul General of Lebanon in Sydney, Mr. Robert Naoum, visited Dar-El-Fatwa and met with the Mufti of Tripoli and North Lebanon, Sheikh Malek Shaar, in presence of the chairman of the business and economic committee in the World Lebanese Cultural Union, Mr. Antoine Menassa and attorney Elias Franjieh.

Menassa held a lunch banquet in honor of Mr. Naoum in participation of the Lebanese President Representative in the Francophone Organization, Khalil Karam, Prime Minister Advisor Abdul Majid Qassir, mayor of El Mina Ambassador Mohamad Issa, the representative of the PIRC in Lebanon George Nassif Faddoul.

Attendees exchanged ideas about the mechanism of uniting Lebanese expatriates, considering the importance of Diaspora’s role in developing national economy and partaking in the political life.