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Letter from HE Mrs Dona TURK to Mr. Antoine Menassa on the occasion of the end of Lebanese Diaspora Energy 2017 LDE 2017

Honored to Publish a thankful letter from HE Mrs Dona TURK, Director of Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Lebanon, on the occasion of the end of Lebanese Diaspora Energy 2017 LDE 2017

Kind attention Mr. Antoine Menassa,
President of HALFA ,

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and myself, and as the Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference 2017 (LDE) journey draws to a close, I would like to express all the pleasure and the privilege it has been for me and my colleagues to work with you on this event.

This year the LDE’s fourth edition in Lebanon has been unanimously hailed as a landmark event where Lebanon and its emigrants have renewed their vows. Ties between Lebanese from across the world have been further strengthened and dreamers from all over the world have shared thoughts, ideas and projects under the banner of Lebanon. Highlights of this year’s LDE include the three economic panels and more particularly the Economic Forum in respect of which we have received very positive feedback. These panels have laid down a number of pillars of the Lebanese economic diplomacy aimed at, inter alia, turning Lebanon into a Fintech Hub, uniting Lebanese chambers of commerce around the world and boosting Lebanese exports. Your contribution and your coactive participation was an added value to the success of this panel.

I am hopeful that with our combined efforts and hard work, Lebanon will truly become the world’s beating heart of the globe.
Again, I would like to thank you for your passion and commitment to our shared journey.
Looking forward to working with you in the future in the best interest of our country, Lebanon.

Thank you.
Kind regards, Beirut 11-05-2017

Director of Economics Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants