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#SHEis Campaign

Annually, March 8th, is globally recognized as International Women’s Day, a day to raise awareness against bias, celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, taking action towards accelerating gender parity.

We, the World Lebanese Cultural Union World Council for Youth (WLCUY), a global Non-Governmental Organization associated with the DPI of the United Nations, reach out to you today to share with you our latest project, one which will educate and inform, recognize and, praise, we introduce to you the #SHEis campaign !! Throughout the month of March, we aim to use this campaign to raise awareness on the topic of gender equality in Lebanon as well as within the diaspora and to empower the inspirational women within our communities and throughout the world, this initiative is a platform where light can be shed and thoughts can be expressed but in order for this project to reach its full potential, we need your help!!!

As part of this initiative, today we release a video showcasing Lebanese Youth diaspora from around the globe, where we ask one question:

“What is your wish for Lebanese women ?”
And the reply was moving!

“Lebanese Nationality Rights for Women”, a reply so powerful an explanation is not required. Gathering these replies and creating this video, different languages, different genders, different countries of residence, but one common hope, this is the beauty of the video we share with you today. The importance of equality of rights, a focal point in the movement.

We hope you enjoy the video!