A Video of Unity on Lebanon’s Independence Day 2020, from the WLCU Youth

As Lebanon continues to experiences one of the most difficult periods in its modern history, the WLCU Youth commemorates the 77th anniversary of Lebanon’s Independence, a message of unity is spread through Lebanese Youth from across the world, the special bond that ties us to our beautiful homeland, no matter the distance.

كلنا لبنان

Thank you to all the WLCU Youth chapters and members that participated in the video!
🇦🇷 JUCAL – Juventud de la Unión Cultural Argentino Libanesa
🇧🇴 JUCBL – Juventud de la Unión Cultural Boliviano Libanesa
🇧🇷 JULIBRA- Juventude Libano Brasileira
🇨🇦 WLCUY Canada – World Lebanese Cultural Union Youth of Canada
🇨🇱 JOL Chile – Jóvenes de Origen Libanés
🇨🇷 JULCOS – Juventud Libanesa en Costa Rica
🇨🇴 JUCOLI – Juventud Colombo-Libanesa
🇩🇰 WLCUY Denmark
🇫🇷 Jeunes ULCM France
🇲🇽 JOMALI – Jóvenes Mexicanos de Ascendencia Libanesa
🇺🇾 AJUL – Asociación de Jóvenes Uruguayo Libaneses
🇺🇸 WLCU- California Youth Chapter