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Lebolution 2019 Recap

Between July 21st and August 1st, 2019, Lebanon saw yet another wave of WLCU Youth (WLCUY) tour the country for the third version of LEBolution, the WLCUY’s World Conference! Put together by the WLCUY Board and the WLCU World Secretary General, LEBolution 2019 brought together 191 participants from 17 different countries, ready to explore and discover the beauty of the ...

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New Chapter in San Diego, California

As part of the mission that the WLCU YOUTH is doing, we are very happy and honored to have a new chapter in San Diego, California, which is led by a group of young lebanese eager to keep the culture and traditions more than alive! // Como parte de la misión que está realizando WLCU YOUTH, estamos muy contentos y ...

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