The WLCU World Body

WLCU Presidency
World President Attorney Stephen Stanton Australia
World Vice Presidents
Vice President – Africa Mr Najib Khouri Congo
Vice President – Australia & NZ Mr Joe Arida Australia
Vice President – Brazil Brazil
Vice President – Europe Eng. Georges Abi Raad France
Vice President – Hispanic America & Caribbean Mr Juan Saliba Argentina
Vice President – North America Eng. Mourad Kario United States
Board of Trustees
Chairperson Mr Bechara G. Bechara Mexico
World Secretariat General
World Secretary General Mr Roger Hani France
Deputy World Secretary General Eng. Fadi Farhat United States
World Financial Advisor Mr Ferris Wehbe United States
World Treasurer
World Treasurer Mr Soleiman Asmar United States
Geographical Regional Council Presidents
Regional President – Africa
Regional President – Australia & NZ Mr Michel Doueihi Australia
Regional President – Brazil
Regional President – Europe Eng. Said Yazbek England
Regional President – Hispanic America & Caribbean Mrs Samira Helo Colombia
Regional President – North America Mr Khalil Curi United States
Geographical Regional Council Secretaries
Regional SG – Africa
Regional SG – Australia & NZ
Regional SG – Brazil
Regional SG – Europe Eng. Paul Abighanem France
Regional SG – Hispanic America & Caribbean Mrs Melina Luques Argentina
Regional SG – North America Eng. Fadi Farhat United States
WLCU World Council for Youth – WLCUY
Chairperson Mr Sergio de los Ríos Feghali Colombia
Secretary General Ms Christina Salamy Canada


WLCU World Commissions
Commission for International Relations
Chairperson Eng. Anis Garabet United States
N.G.O. Commission
Chairperson Mr Elie Gideon Canada
The Commission for Economy and Business
Chairperson Mr Ferris Wehbe United States
The Commission for Social Affairs
Chairperson Mrs Miriam Juaiek Argentina
Commission for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
Chairperson Eng. Bassem Medawar United States
Executive Committee for Digital Communications
Chairperson Mr Roger Hani France
Commission for International Communications
Chairperson Mr Clovis Karam United States
Commission for Cultural Affairs
Chairperson Mr Clovis Karam United States
Committee for the “Union of Lebanese Writers and Artists”
Chairperson Mr Nabih Chartouni Mexico
Committee for Archives and WLCU Heritage
Chairperson Mr Juan Saliba Argentina
Commission for Protocol and Code of Ethics
Chairperson Eng. Said Yazbek England