NGO Commission

UN DPI Representatives
WP Elias Kassab: Head of the Organization
Sid Chadic: Main Representative
Nora Hajjar: Additional Representative
Rita Houkayem: Additional Representative
Tiana Abou Chedid: Youth Representative
Alec Abou Naaman: Youth Representative

UN ECOSOC Representatives
New York UN Headquarters
WP Elias Kassab: Head of the Organization
WSG Wissam Azzi: World Secretary General
Anise Garabet: Chief Administrative Officer
Roger Hani: ECOSOC Main Representative
Rima Cario: Additional Representative

Geneva UN Organization
(To be determined)

Vienna UN Organization
(To be determined)

13 – 24 March: Sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61)
WP Elias Kassab
Anise Garabet
Roger Hani
Antoinette Atie
Rima Cario
Sid Chadic
Fadi Farhat
Nora Hajjar
Rita Houkayem

Year In Review 2016