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 The World Council for Youth – WLCUY

The World Council for Youth (WLCUY) unites all the committees formed from the youth descendants of Lebanese origin within the WLCU. As one of the constituent bodies of the WLCU, the WLCUY is an indivisible part of the organization and serves as a forum of meeting and discussion for the Youth of Lebanese origin spread around the world, without distinction of religion, political ideology and country of residence.

The WLCUY is a great way to learn about the WLCU, and get other youth involved in understanding and sharing the Lebanese Culture and Heritage. It also provides fertile ground for youth empowerment, networking, and generating public opinion to support the mission statement of the WLCU to build a better organization for all Lebanese around the world!

For a full overview of the WLCUY: English | Español


Some of the core objectives of the WLCUY include:

  • Act as worldwide forum for young people of Lebanese descent to network and socialize;
  • Connect the Youth to the mother country and to learn the Arabic language;
  • Educate the Youth about Lebanon’s contribution to world civilization;
  • Empower the Youth to get involved in WLCU affairs;
  • Encourage young Lebanese descendants to visit and keep in contact with Lebanon;
  • Inform and educate about the work and principles of the United Nations;
  • Serve as a link for younger generations of Lebanese descendants to acquire the Lebanese citizenship.

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