The World Body of the WLCU 2023-2025

The World Body of the WLCU 2023-2025

El organismo mundial de la Unión Libanesa Cultural Mundial 2023-2025

 L’instance Mondiale de l’Union Libanaise Culturelle Mondiale 2023-2025

 O Corpo Mundial da União Libanesa Cultural Mundial 2023-2025 

الهيئة العالمية للجامعة اللبنانية الثقافية في العالم 2023-2025


The WLCU World Body Oct 2023- Oct 2025 Name Country Picture
The World President Mr. Roger Hani France
World Vice President Mr. Juan Saliba Argentina
The World Secretary General Eng. Georges Abi Raad France
The World Treasurer Mr. Soly Asmar CA – USA
The Board of Trustees      
President   Sheikh Michel Doueihi Australia
Vice President   Eng. Fadi Farhat NY – USA
The World President advisors      
  WP advisor for Administrative affairs Eng. Fadi Farhat NY – USA
  WP advisor for Communication Prof. Elias Kassab Canada
  WP advisor for financial affairs Mr. Pierre Hage Burkina Faso
The World President reresentative(s)      
  Director of the Bureau of the WLCU in Washington, DC Mrs. May Rihani Washington DC, USA
The World Secretariat General      
Deputy World Secretary General Dr. Christian Nasr Ghana
Assistant World Treasurer Mr. Roger Shammas Brookly NY, USA
World secretary General Advisor for International affairs Dr Antonios ABOU KASM Lebanon
Assistant Secretary General for Administrative Affairs  Miss Stephanie Abi Khalil Denmark
Assistant Secretary General for Financial Affairs  Mrs Suha Raphael France
Assistant Secretary General for the affairs of Specialized Committees Mr. Frederic Kayrouz UK
Secretary General Advisor(s) for Legal affairs Attorney Miguel Athié Mexico
    Attorney Yusif Kahwagi Mexico
    Attorney Nehman Abboud Canada
The Regional General Secretaries      
Regional Secretary General for Africa Mr. Georges Abi Khalil Mali
Regional Secretary General for Australia and New Zealand  Mr. Antoine Karam Vic.,  Australia
Regional Secretary General for Brazil Miss Claudia Chater Brasil (Brasilia)
Regional Secretary General for Europe  Miss Stephanie Abi Khalil Denmark
Regional Secretary General for Hispanic America  Mrs. Nissrin Esber Santiago, Chile 
Regional Secretary General for North America Miss Rima Cario New Jersey, USA
The Regional Councils Presidents      
President of Africa regional council Mr. Chawki Hage Mali
President of Australia and New Zealand regional council Sheikh Joe Arida NSW – Australia
President of Brazil regional council Mr. Elie Hakme Brazil
President of Europe regional council Eng. Said Yazbeck UK
President of Hispanic America regional council Mr. Alfred Malek Dominican Republic
President of North America regional council Mr. Ed A. Karim CA – USA
The World Council for Youth      
Youth World Coucil President Miss Guadalupe Bolanos Dubois Argentina
Youth World Coucil Secretary Miss Valentina Lopez Estephan Colombia
The World Commissions and commmitees      
The Commission on International Relations, associated with the DGC and accredited at ECOSOC of the UN Eng. Anis Garabet CA, USA
  Chief Administrator officer of the WLCU NGO Committee at UN Mr. Elie Gideon TO, Canada
  Advocacy group Mr. Ferris Wehbe CA, USA
The Commission for International Communications Prof. Elias Kassab TO, Canada
The Commission for Social Affairs Mrs. Henriette Kassis Boston, USA
  Committee for Miss emigrant Mrs. Jihane Farah Naimy USA
The Commission for Cultural Heritage Dr. Clovis Karam CA, USA
  The Educational Committee      
  member Mrs. Manal Zebian Lebanon & France
  member Mrs. Maribelle Assaad Butros Los Angeles, CA, USA
The Commission for Business and Economics Mr. Khalil Curi CA, USA
  The business and finance committee Mr Pierre Hage Burkina Faso
The Commission for Protocol and Code of Ethics Mr. Diran Zack Deukmajian CA, USA
The Commission for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Mr. Bassem Medawar TO, Canada
The Commission on Membership Affairs Mr. Bassem Medawar TO, Canada
The Commission on Archive Mr. Juan Saliba Argentina
The Specialized Committees      
Committee for Registering the Lebanese abroad on the Lebanese Civil register Mr. Fadi Rahi London, UK
Committee for follow up on Lebolution project Mr Sergio Feghali Colombia
Committee for preparations to the Parliament Elections of Lebanon of 2026      
  Member Mr. Pierre Sokhn Australia
  Member Mrs. Carine Cahwagi Khoury Australia
Committee for Sustainable Development      
  Member Mr. Hamad Elias Lebanon
  Member Mr. Rodolph Saade Lebanon
  Member Mr. Elie Albouty Lebanon
  Member Mr. Elias Moussa Lebanon
The Marketing Committee      
  Member Mrs. Macarena Kadis Chile
  Member Miss Sara Meira-Serantes Colombia
Social Media committee      
  Content manager Miss Linda kuri Mexico
  Content manager Miss Nada ELHOYEK France
  Content manager Miss Rima Cario USA
  Content manager Mrs. Melina Luques Argentina
  Content manager Miss Sara Meira-Serantes Colombia
  Content manager Mrs. Mireille Chidiac Australia
  Content manager Mrs. Emilie El-Hachem Brasil (Rio de Janeiro)
  Content manager and Interviews Mrs. Hana Ghrayche Rahme Australia
  Video creations Mr. George Estephane UK
  Graphic Designer Mrs. Zuleima Chartouni Mexico
  The Newsletter content checker Mrs. Carla Adam Fara Mexico
The Social Events and Meetings committee      
  Member Mrs. Elena Marun Merheg Colombia
  Member Mr. Georges Daibes Sweden
The Arbitration Committee      
  Member Maria Oswelia Kuri Murad Marius, Juris Doctor (c) Mexico
  Member Judge George E. Khouri Canada
  Member Alejandro Kuri Pheres Mexico City, Mexico
  Alternate Member Joseph Yazbeck London, UK