WLCU Youth Community Talks with Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolás!

The WLCU Youth brought a DEAL not to be missed with Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolás! Dr. Chamoun shared wonderful insights into Phoenicians and their negotiation skills.









06 Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolás (Mexico/USA) – “To Be Or Not To Be Phoenician – That is the Question”
June 27th, 2020

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It´s well know that the Phoenicians were expert sailors of the Mediterranean Sea, that they invented the alphabet and one of the first numeric systems, among many other things. Have you ever stopped to think how they achieved such accomplishments? “Negotiation” is at the core of the answer.
Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolás has been studying the Phoenicians’ negotiation skills for decades and he will share with us how to apply their negotiation techniques in today’s daily activities.

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Chamoun – Nicolás has been conducting negotiation and business development activities in diversified sectors such as, oil and gas, mining and metals industry, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, industrial, commercial, institutional, for the sales and marketing of services and products. Dr. Chamoun has trained on negotiation thousands of students around the globe in some of the most prestige universities. He is an adjunct business professor, visiting scholar and member of the advisory board at St. Thomas University Cameron School of Business in Houston and adjunct instructor at the Washington University Sever Institute. The areas of interest of teaching at executive MBA programs and professional development programs are negotiation and conflict resolution, persuasion, sales and cross-cultural communications, soft-skill for entrepreneurship.

He is the author of many articles on negotiation and the books: “Desarrollo de Negocios”, in its 3rd edition and “Trato Hecho-Guía para una Negociación sin Fallas” 2nd edition and Deal 3rd edition. Negotiate Like a Phoenician, 2008 and Transcend Quo Vadis Negotiator, 2016.

Dr. Chamoun’s passion for the Phoenician culture and civilization started as a hobby since his early teen’s and has made him realize that the Phoenicians don’t have the place in history that they deserve so he actively participates in historical research to come up with a business model and negotiation approach on Phoenician negotiation to teach worldwide. He also has been involved in promoting and diffusing Phoenician related activities everywhere he teaches. He promotes the new findings in Cadiz, Spain and the Phoenician Exploration before Columbus Expedition among others.

Facebook: Habib Chamoun
Twitter: @hchamoun
LinkedIn: Habib Chamoun-Nicolás