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iAffairs Canada hosted a virtual panel discussion on Lebanon

Lebanon: The Path Ahead – Further Fragility or More Stability

On June 22, 2022, iAffairs Canada hosted a virtual panel discussion to explore and address the future of Lebanon. A variety of themes were covered, including law & governance, economic deterioration, human development, refugee & migration, conflict resolution, and security. The speakers examined the issues of Lebanon and explored robust policy avenues to transition the nation from its current state of fragility to enhanced stability.

The panel featured Dr. Lama Mourad, Barrister Stephen Stanton, Prof. May Rihani, Dr. Afit Kubursi, and Dr. Hani Faris. Hadi Wess, Managing Director at iAffairs Canada, moderated the discussion.

This event was presented by iAffairs Canada, in partnership with the World Lebanese Cultural Union, the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, and was supported by the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.

The following is the video recording from the panel discussion that took place a couple weeks ago.