Communication from WLCU World President, Mr. Stephen Stanton, on World Situation and WLCU World Council

My Dear World Vice Presidents , World Secretary General and Colleagues

I am writing to you at a time when the world in which we live is hostage to a pandemic that it seems knows no end and is indiscriminate of borders as it ravages the world in which we live.
The catastrophe that has crippled our society has been graphically chronicled as daily we hear of the mounting death toll and the closure of borders.
In the midst of this despair my wife Margaret and I want each of you to know that our hearts are with you in this time of uncertainty and hardship that is cruelly and callously wreaking havoc.

I know only too well your concern that we have not been able to convene and deliberate upon matters that are both vital to the governance of the WLCU, however the inability to travel necessitates along with the vigilance to avoid contact that may harm our loved ones mandates we must stay put for the moment.
As an alternative and with the need to progress our agenda can I suggest an AVL World Council at a time as is suitable to as many delegates situated globally as can be accommodated within that timeframe?
The World Council can be listed either before or shortly after Easter.

If I may, can I also ask that we not forget our beloved Lebanon as she and her citizens suffer inexorably the hardship that has been endured by all of her citizens and now with the default on the repayments, is along with this pestilence a double blow that they must endure.

The endemic corruption and the imposition of an equally inept and corrupt government are matters we cannot let lightly slip by without protest.

Accordingly, to each of you again our heartfelt best wishes trusting you will overcome these trying times and we pray God will be merciful to all and especially our Beloved Lebanon.


Yours Faithfully

Stephen J. Stanton S.C.
World President
World Lebanese Cultural Union