WLCU meeting with the UNDP discussing the upcoming Lebanese elections

At the request of the WLCU, a meeting was held on the 31st of march 2022 with the UNDP on the subject of the Lebanese elections and the contribution of the United Nations in assisting Lebanon in this democratic process. The UNDP was represented by the Chief Technical Advisor of the UNDP Lebanese Assistance Project the Hon Dan Radulescu, with the participation of Olga Eid, Reporting and Statistics Officer at UNDP-LEAP.

A WLCU delegation participated in this meeting headed by WP Professor Nabih Chartouni, the WSG Roger Hani, the former WP Anise Garabet advisor for non-governmental organizations, the former WP Stephen Stanton, the former WP Elias Kassab, The President of the WLCU NGO committee Elie Gideon, member of the WLCU Washington office Dr. Hekmat Nasr, and representatives from different continents.

Click here to read the welcoming remarks by the WLCU former WP Stephen Stanton

Click here to read the word of the WLCU WP Professor Nabih Chartouni