Lebanese Day powered by WLCU Denmark

In a vibrant celebration of Lebanese culture and tradition, Sorø, Denmark, was the stage for an unforgettable Lebanese lunch and Dabké event hosted at Café and Restaurant Valencia. Organized by the WLCU Denmark team, in collaboration with the Restaurant owners Charles and Joe Ibrahim, the event drew around 90 attendees from diverse backgrounds, including Lebanese WLCU officials from Mexico, France, UK, and the Netherlands, including the Word Secretary General Georges Abi Raad, alongside local dignitaries such as Mayor Gert Jorgensen and Sorø Akademi Director Kristian Jacobsen. 

Guests were treated to a delicious feast featuring an array of authentic Lebanese dishes meticulously prepared to delight the taste buds of attendees. 

 The day’s festivities commenced with inspiring speeches from esteemed figures such as Georges Abi Raaid, WLCU World Secretary General, WLCU Denmark President Mary Saliba, and Mayor Gert Jorgensen, setting the tone for an engaging and culturally enriching experience. 

 Attendees were engaged in various activities. In honor of Mother’s Day, flowers were distributed to every mother present, adding a touch of warmth and appreciation to the occasion. 

One of the highlights of the event was the interactive Dabké workshop, where members of both the Danish and Lebanese communities came together to learn and perform this traditional dance form. The united Dabké Dance that followed symbolized the harmony and camaraderie between the two communities, underscoring the power of cultural exchange and mutual celebration. 

As the event concluded, participants departed with cherished memories and a renewed sense of unity, eagerly anticipating future gatherings that celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures that enrich the fabric of Danish society. 

The event was a vibrant celebration that not only showcased Lebanon’s rich heritage but also aligned closely with the WLCU goals. The event brought together Lebanese officials, local dignitaries, and community members, promoting cross-cultural exchange and fulfilling WLCU’s goal of spreading Lebanese culture. Through activities like the Dabké workshop and Lebanese feast, it strengthened bonds between Lebanese and Danish communities, echoing WLCU’s mission to build friendships. Additionally, it supported WLCU’s existing initiatives like LEBolution and the Lebanese Day, while also introducing new projects like the Lebanese Diaspora Fund and card to empower the Lebanese diaspora and enhance global ties, as mentioned Mr. Abi Raad in his speech.