The WLCU World Body

The Presidency
The World President Attorney Nabih  Chartouni Mexico
World Vice Presidents
Vice President Mr Pierre Hage Africa
Vice President Sheikh Joe Arida Australia & New Zealand
Vice President Dr Carlos Keirouz Europe
Vice President Mrs Samira Helou Hispanic America & Caribbean
Vice President Judge Georges Khouri North America
Vice President   Brazil  
The Board of Trustees
President Dr Elias Kassab Canada
World Secretariat General
World Secretary General Mr Roger Hani France
Deputy World Secretary General Eng. Fadi Farhat United States
Deputy World Secretary General Mr Sergio Del Rios Feghali Columbia
Assistant Secretary General for the affairs of Specialized Committees Eng Saïd Yazbek England
The World Treasurer Mr Soleiman Asmar North America
Assistant World Treasurer Mr Roger Shammas North America  
The Regional General Secretaries
Regional President – Africa      
Regional President – Australia & NZ Mr Michel Doueihi Australia
Regional President – Brazil      
Regional President – Europe Eng. Said Yazbek England
Regional President – Hispanic America & Caribbean Mrs Samira Helo Colombia
Regional President – North America Mr Khalil Curi United States
Geographical Regional Council Presidents
Regional President Mr Cahwki Hage Africa
Regional President Former WP. Sheikh Michel Doueihi Australia & New Zealand
Regional President Eng. Said Yazbek Europe
Regional President Mr José Segui Hispanic America & Caribbean
Regional President Mr Khalil Curi North America
Regional President   Brazil  
Geographical Regional Council Secretaries
Regional General Secretary  Mr Antoine Karam Australia & New Zealand
Regional General Secretary  Mr. Nabil Basnous Africa
Regional General Secretary  Eng. Paul Abighanem Europe
Regional General Secretary  Mrs Melina Luques Hispanic America & Caribbean
Regional General Secretary  Eng. Fadi Farhat North America
Regional General Secretary    Brazil  
The World Council for Youth
President Miss Christina Salamy Canada – Ottawa
Secretary General WLCUY  Miss Guadalupe Bolanos Dubois Argentina – San Juan



The World Commissions
The Commission of international Relations (CIR) Chairperson Eng Anis Garabeth L.A. California
The NGO Committee Chairperson Eng Elie Gedeon Canada Toronto
International Communication Chairperson Mr Sarkis Karam Australia & New Zealand  
Language and UNESCO affairs Chairperson Eng Paul Moubarak Mexico
The commission For Economic and Businessmen Chairperson Mr Ferris Wehbeh L.A. California
The Commission of Social Affairs Chairperson Mrs Carol Kousseiri Najjar France – Europe
The Commission for the Archive and Cultural Heritage Chairperson Mr Alfred Malek Dominican Republic
The Commission for Protocol and Code of Ethics Chairperson Mr Ghassan Sader California
The Effective Committee (Membership & Affiliation) Chairperson Mr Eddy Abdelkarim California
The Commission of Cultural Affairs Chairperson Prof Clovis Karam North America
The Commission for the “Union of Lebanese Writers and Artists” in the world        
The Commission for Science, Technologie, Engeneering and Mathematics Chairperson Eng Bassem Medawar Canada
The Special Committees        
Arbitration Committee Judge Maria Oswelia Kuri Murad Marius Mexico City
  Judge Georges Khouri Canada
  Judge James Kaddo California
Alternate Member Lawyer FWP Alejandro Kuri Pheres Mexico City
Alternate Member Lawyer Joseph Yazbeck England
The Information Committee (Marketting and Media) Chairperson Mr Nabil Habbaki Houston – USA
Educational Committee Chairperson Dr. Shane Geha  Australia & New Zealand
Social Events and Meeting Chairperson Mr Alfred Malek Dominican Republic